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We at Lime Tree Farm are proud to be able to announce the completion of a new room with a view to die for of Blue Mountain itself & the Cedar & Yallus Valleys. The room was added on-top of one of our existing cottages so as you can imagine the view is even more spectacular than before. Suzie our world renowned chef (my wife) & I plan to use this room in the short run whilst we rebuild the original Lime tree great house which has suffered in the past few years from considerable hurricane damage.

Room with a view!           Lime Tree Great House after Hurricane Gustav

Mountain Witch sighted at Hollywell on a Excursion from Lime Tree Farm


Jamaican birdwatching in the summertime is not quite up to the proliferation of Birds that are sighted in the spring, nevertheless, Doctorbirds (Red billed streamertails )are everywhere. In the early morning the cries of flocks of Yellow Billed parrots “going bush” to feed can be heard from Lime Tree Farm, as they return in the evening with full bellies they are even louder and can’t be missed.

On a recent excursion to Hollywell National Park from Lime Tree Farm with some guests we spotted a “Mountain Witch” – Crested Quail Dove. This bird with it’s strange dancing walk is endemic to Jamaica and can be difficult to sight.