A Day in the Life of your Tastebuds at Lime Tree Farm

An example of our May Menu:

Breakfast at Lime Tree FarmBreakfast
Ackees from Africa, Breadfruit brought from the South Pacific by Captain Bligh on the Bounty and fried plantain all from our farm.Papaya, Golden Apple & Pineapple.  Toast & home made marmalade or Blue Mountain Coffee Blossom Honey.  Served with fresh home grown Orange Juice & Blue Mountain Coffee.

Our lunches are light, a spicy Jamaican Patty a simple salad made from home grown ingredients.  Sandwiches and fruit are always available.

Starters – Pumpkin Soup spiced up with Scotch Bonnet Pepper,  served with Lebanese Bread.
Main – Red Snapper (fish) in a coconut sauce, served with mixed potatoes & Callaloo, accompanied by seasonal salad.
Dessert -Tropical Fruit Salad & locally grown Soursop.