Lime Tree Farm is a hiker’s paradise.  We have many trails in our vicinity and can arrange hiking in  Jamaica’s Blue Mountains with or without a guide.

From an afternoon’s amble around the spectacular Gardens at Cinchona or the ultimate but more strenuous hike to the Blue Mountain peak itself, where from a height of 7,402 ft, you may with the aid of binoculars be able to see the Sierra Maestra mountains from where Fidel Castro launched his revolution 50 years ago.

Hiking Excursions in Pictures:
Governors Bench Trail
Crane Walk
Blue Mountain Peak

These are our 3 favourite hiking excursions.  We provide a free guide for local hikes and they are graded depending on  level of fitness.  If you prefer something less strenuous, you can easily take a walk around our coffee farm and local villages where our neighbours will be happy to chat about daily life in Jamaica.

Hiking Costs

Governors Bench trail – Free

Farm View Trail – Free

Puka shop trail – Free
Crane Walk – US$ 60.00 per person (minimum of 2 people)
Blue Mountain Peak –  US$80.00 per person(minimum of 2 people)

For hiking in the Blue Mountains we recommend that guests bring warm clothing, walking shoes/boots & some sort of light raincoat.