Jamaican Blue Mountains Excursions

Jamaica is an island where you can satisfy your quest for adventure but also find serenity to calm your spirits. Whether you fancy some trekking,  coffee and rum tasting, hopping between colourful Jamaican villages it’s all here, whatever your penchant.

The excursions that we can arrange personally for you are characterised by their topographical and botanical beauty, and reveal the diverse history that has let Jamaica blossom into a country leading the Caribbean with the wealth of it’s culture and influence.

Cinchona Botanical Gardens

Jamaica hosts the world’s loveliest wild secret garden! The Victorian Botanical Gardens of Cinchona are home to beautiful trees and plants from all over the world and really every botanist’s dream… read more


For those interested in outdoor pursuits the Blue Mountains offer soul stirring treks, which for the less experienced hiker we at Lime Tree Farm can act as your guide….read more

For lovers of ornithology, nearby at the Hardwar Gap is the superb Holywell Recreational Park and Bird Sanctuary where in the fern filled forest you can see and hear the haunting and evocative cry of the little Jamaican Tody, one of our 200 resident bird species… read more
Coffee Tour
Real coffee lovers are advised to seize the opportunity to do the Blue Mountain Coffee Walk at Mavis Bank’s…read more