The Jamaican motto ‘Out of Many One People’ sums up the ingredients and styles of cooking we use – a fusion of African, Indian, Spanish, & French with a little Chinese & Syrian to boot.”

To ‘nyam’ means to eat in Jamaican patois.  Here at Lime Tree we believe that what you nyam is an important part of your Blue Mountain experience.  Our local Jamaican chef, ‘Cooky’ will be tempting your taste buds with a full menu of assorted fayre, from Ackees for breakfast to fiery Jerk Chicken or Red Snapper for dinner. Wherever possible, all ingredients are local and organic.

Example of our Menu

A Blue Mountain Breakfast

Ackees from Africa

Breadfruit brought from the South Pacific by Captain Bligh on the Bounty and fried plantain all from our farm.

Papaya, Golden Apple & Pineapple.

Toast & home made marmalade or Blue Mountain Coffee Blossom Honey
Served with fresh farm grown Orange Juice & Blue Mountain Coffee

Lunch for Explorers


Our lunches are light, a spicy Jamaican Patty a simple salad made from home grown ingredients.  Sandwiches and fruit are always available.

Simple, delicious & 0 Food Miles


Starters – Pumpkin Soup spiced up with Scotch Bonnet Pepper,  served with Lebanese Bread

Main – Red snapper (fish) in a coconut sauce, served with mixed potatoes & Callaloo, accompanied by seasonal salad

Dessert – Tropical Fruit Salad & locally grown Soursop

You eat (delicious and generous home-cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner) on the veranda (view to die for), with stories that will keep you entertained and ensure you’ll feel right at home.

We try and source all of our ingredients locally and organically.