Lime Tree Farm FAQs

Everything you wanted to know about Lime Tree Farm in less than 10 questions!

Q How far is LTF from Kingston?
A Kingston is 20 miles, approximately 90 minutes driving time. Kingston airport, depending on traffic
may take up to 1 hour extra.

Q Can I drive to LTF?
A Yes, if the vehicle is suitable, though some rough road experience is also necessary.
The last few miles to the farm are very rough. We offer a complimentary transfer from Mavis Bank.

Q What is the best way to get to LTF?
A There are a number of options, depending on how adventurous you are! The easiest route is to pass
through Kingston – we can advise.

Q Can I drive to the peak?
A It is only possible to drive to within 6 miles of the peak – Abbey Green. At this present time, we do not
recommend guests driving this road.

Q How long does the hike take?
A From the start at Abbey Green to the peak, on average, hiking time will be around 3 hours.

Q Does LTF cater for vegan or vegetarian diets?
A We cater for a variety of dietary requirements, including vegan and vegetarian.

Q Are there options locally for eating?
A There are no local restaurants, the closest is around 1 hour away.

Q Is LTF suitable for children?
A LTF is kid friendly.

Q Can additional beds be arranged for the cottages?
A For large groups it is possible to arrange additional bedding.