Our Environmental Policy

Lime Tree Farm is fully committed to enhancing and protecting the environment for our guests and the people of Jamaica.  We believe in sustainable tourism that enriches both our guests and our local community, and where shared experiences help to nurture a deeper understanding and help counter ignorance.

  • To support our local community & ensure all bar profits are donated to support and enhance it.
  • To support farmers within the local community and wherever possible buy local produce and encourage organic farming practices.
  • To achieve sound environmental practices throughout our operation through common sense and respect for the environment.
  • To conserve energy, materials and resources of decreasing supply.
  • To minimise air emissions, water, solid wastes, and any hazardous water and dispose of all in responsible manner.
  • To constantly monitor our performance, relative to our policy and objectives with a view to finding ever more effective ways to utilise our available sources.
  • To strictly adhere to all environmental laws and regulations.
  • To train all employees to meet the objectives in our policy.
  • To make employees, contractors, suppliers and guests alike aware of our policies and encourage acceptable behaviour towards the sensitive environement within Jamaica and at home.
  • To work with others in the tourism industry, public agencies and the community towards resolving greater environmental issues.