Cinchona Botanical Gardens

Cinchona Gardens excursion.

Sacred fragranced abandonment – these wonderful botanical gardens for all their sad disrepair have the majesty & pedigree of their Kew Gardens designer. They are named after the once highly prized tree from which came quinine – the first treatment for malaria.

Be enveloped by the global varieties of temperate & semi-tropical flowers & trees: from eucalyptus & rubber trees to cork oaks & lilies. Some trees still have identifying labels, but mostly it’s a guessing game which is part of the fun, as well as the Bamboo Walk with its velvety moss floor & views of Strawberry Hill & Liguanea plains.

Cinchona Botanical Gardens Picnic

1-Day Round-trip Excursion Including Picnic Lunch
Per Person US $110 (for a minimum of 2 people)




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Beyond the Bean

” I had the pleasure of covering Lime Tree Farm for the ‘Traveller Overseas’ magazine. It’s a fantastically beautiful spot, one of the most interesting I’ve visited as a travel journalist.

It is serene and stunning, with friendly people at the farm and in the small neighbouring village. The hiking alone was enough to keep me happy for a week, and I can’t wait to go back on my own nickel as a full-fledged guest. I’m drinking my souvenir Blue Mountain coffee every morning and wishing I were still there.”  Kim Kavin