Mavis Bank Coffee Excursion

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee – the finest & most delicious coffee in the world.  Through the eastern end of the the tiny Caribbean island of Jamaica runs a majestic range of hills known as the Blue Mountains.  The highest peak is 7,402 feet above sea level and temperatures can go down to the 40s but because Jamaica lies within the tropics, even at this height there is neither snow or frost at any time of the year.

Above 5,000 fee the land is thickly wooded and maintained by the government as Forest Reserve.  Below this line the terrain is perfectly suited to the cultivation of coffee.  The soil, the rainfall, the temperature combine to produce from the Arabica coffee which is is grown here a drink of rare & particular flavour – the delicious & unequalled Blue Mountain Coffee.

A little known fact: Tia Marie is made exclusively in Jamaica from Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

Mavis Bank Coffee Walk

Blue Mountain Coffee is famous for being exceptionally smooth, slightly sweet & the world’s most expensive coffee so do make a visit to our roasting plant, the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, to do the ‘Coffee Walk’.

Set between 2 slopes that face east/west to enjoy the sun, they take all the local growers’ cherry coffee to produce green’ beans which are barbecued & then rested for 20 weeks to produce Japan’s favourite drink after Sake!

Mavis Bank’s Central Factory is where the majority of the producers sell to so if you do want to buy the real thing this is the place. If you love the smell of roasting coffee – this is an experience you’ll never forget.

Click to view a slideshow of the Mavis Bank Coffee Walk

Mavis Bank Factory Tour:  US$ 30.00 Per Person