Birdwatching in the Blue Mountains

New Birding Site Near Lime Tree Farm

We have recently found a real gem of a birding site on our doorstep – The Old Mine Road is named after a Marble Mine that used to be mined in the 70’s deep in the forest just 15 minutes drive from here. This is the last real pocket of indigenous forest close to us & is an oasis of Blue Mahoe, cedar & other beautiful old trees.

The birding is excellent with many Endemic species spotted including the Crested Quail Dove, Blue Mountain Vireo, Chestnut Bellied Cuckoo & many more, a perfect first days birding for guests who have arrived after a long flight & don’t fancy the longer drives to our other sites on their first day.
This is birding season at it’s height & we’ve had some very successful visits lately so if you thinking of Birding from Lime Tree Farm you can contact me by email, or make a booking on our website,
Greg & Yvonne Dean & guide Lyndon