Covid 19

Covid 19 certification.

Given our provisional date for re opening (October/November), it will be around 7-8 months of having the property to ourselves, so there will be a certain amount of re adjustment in once more sharing the farm with guests. We have a lot of work to do, both practically  equipment and staff training) and, more importantly – mentally. Before we are permitted to re open we must comply with a strict protocol mandated by the Ministry of Health, TPDCo (Tourist Product Development Company) and Ministry of Tourism. We have received a detailed protocol and attended a sensitization lecture. Since closing the property and cancelling all bookings as the first case of Covid 19 arrived in Jamaica we have been privileged to be able to continue our lives relatively normally. Restrictions are few, and to be honest ( though not wishing to sound insensitive ) we are enjoying the solitude and peace of the mountains. Future guests will appreciate that, while on the property there will be certain restrictions, though the property itself is large enough to ensure a private space for all.  We are currently working on a new area (Breezy Hollow), for guests to relax in privacy. In the surrounding hills, while hiking, no such restrictions apply. Our local hiking trails, off the beaten track, where nobody lives mean you are unlikely to encounter another person – let alone another tourist. Subsequent blogs will update future guests on preparations and training to ensure that guests, staff and the local community will continue to vacation, work and live in relative normality and safety.