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Phew! That was close.

Hurricane season ended (officially) the last day of November, still, given the uncertainty of all things meteorological I thought it best to give it another few weeks to be sure. Jamaica got lucky – again, having a good few systems slipping by south of the island, before getting angry and spooling up into hurricanes. This  season saw the most storms on record, surpassing 2005. There were 30 named storms, 12 landing in the US, 13 hurricanes, 6 of those major (111 plus mph). By comparison, the average season would see 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes, 3 being major. For those nerdy statisticians (me included) check out the NOAA website for stats and info. Jamaica gets a close call,we let out a sigh of relief, our thoughts quickly turn to the intended victim. Most targets are at least, if not poorer, as vulnerable, mostly as ill equipped and unprepared as Jamaica, with poor economics and neglected (non existent) infrastructure. Passing systems resulted in heavy downpours of rain, roads quickly became rivers, raging torrents sweeping away homes, vehicles and infrastructure – I would say, considering we didn’t get hit, the island suffered far more damage from uncontrolled water than any previous year. So, we got away with it for another year – only meaning we are statistically more likely to get hit next year. Unfortunately, here in Jamaica, lessons will be ignored, very little remedial action will be taken and Jamaica will be equally unprepared (or even less)  for next season. Just my thoughts.