Living in Jamaica Mountain Life

Where do we go from here?

Although we generally feel cut off/ insulated from the evils of the outside world, living an ant like existence, certain world events impinge on our simple life. No need to remind you about Covid, that, while being financially cataclysmic, was – without wanting to appear insensitive, for us, a return to the old lifestyle of LTF, cut off, just Tif, Ops and myself for well over a year – a basic, but idyllic life. As covid restrictions are gradually lifted – a new bogey man has reared its ugly head – rampant inflation. Officially 10 plus mash %, in reality saw a jump in prices right across the board as much as 40-50% – food, gas, hardware, vehicle parts. We can’t add 50% to our room rates, we won’t get 50% more for our coffee, all we can do is tighten the fiscal belt another notch and work harder to save money – it will be an interesting and challenging tourist/coffee season.