Stuff about coffee.

Think its fair to say most people know the basics about coffee – contains caffeine (which stops a lot of people from sleeping), helps with weight loss – maybe and helps with alertness. Some other interesting stuff popped up in my tip toe through the internet. It is the most popular (legal) mood altering substance on the planet ( no figures available for other planets ). Shown to decrease muscle pain and augment pain relieving capabilities of other drugs, alleviate asthma symptoms and boost athletic endurance and performance, heightening alertness and lifting mood – makes me anxious personally. One interesting comment – helps with jet lag. As always – the caveat – ‘in moderation’. What’s the medical definition of moderate? Apparently, most doctors agree 3-4 cups a day are considered moderate, all depending on personal physiology. Nutritionally speaking coffee is pretty much inert – virtually no caleries or fat, no carbohydrates, sodium or cholesterol. – a lot of zeros, though it does posses a lot of trace minerals- and a good source of other chemicals with big names. is it a health food? your choice, I think yes, it has the maximum (beneficial) effect on me – safe to say I couldn’t get through the day without it. Lime Tree Farm was built on and with the aid of coffee.