Not an easy road

The second of our blogs on frequently asked questions – though this is the most frequently asked, so should have been the first! A lot of our guests hire a car and drive around Jamaica, a hugely enjoyable way to see the island (and avoid the worst of the touristy areas). The best road to Lime Tree Farm is a matter of opinion, depending on what you are looking for – the easiest route, the most beautiful route or you want a real adventure and a great dinner party story. Let’s start with the easiest route. This is defined by the condition of the road ( a relative term here in Jamaica ), least amount of damage to your vehicle, typically a hire car, and in that case the level of insurance – it is a hire car after all! The third factor is time, not usually a constraint when on holiday. From all directions pass through Kingston ( good pit stop at Devon House). Leave Kingston through Papine, continuing on to Gordon Town, turning right at the police station and on to Mavis Bank Coffee Factory. Driving from Portland this means turning off the coast road at Annotto Bay and following the A3 into Kingston. Now, my favourite. When driving from Portland, turn off the coast road at Buff Bay and follow the B1, a beautiful, twisty road through the Blue Mountains all the way to Industry village and turn left. Both these routes are achievable in a town car. And lastly, the most adventurous (we don’t recommend it). Approaching from the south coast ( beware, the A4 is undergoing major road works), turn off at Morant Bay and slowly scraping, crunching and smashing your hire car ( 4 wheel drive is better, though a town car will make a truly great story) , possibly even having to unload and push over numerous hours all the way through to Hagley Gap and on to Mavis Bank. Finally – is a 4 wheel drive hire car worth the extra expense? If you really want to drive to Lime Tree Farm, we recommend it, though a vehicle can be safely parked at the factory -the last few miles to the farm are rough and a transfer can be arranged. This a brief description and we will happily provide detailed directions and instructions if needed. Note- driving in the Blue Mountains should be avoided in the dark or heavy rains.