What can we eat?

A very popular and frequently asked question – and rightly so! A large part of holidays and stays at guest establishments is food. Firstly, we are off the beaten track and there are few facilities locally, so, prior to arrival – personal preferences, particular dislikes or allergies are discussed, and with this information we are able to cater for most tastes. We use only organic vegetables and fruit from the farm or locally sourced with known provenance, which means, yes, we do cater for vegetarians and vegans. Our ‘chefs choice’ menus are Jamaican – with an occasional twist. A typical Jamaican breakfast may be – ackee and saltfish, sweet pepper and onion, bammy, bread fruit, festival, Johnny cakes, fried plantain, calaloo and pak choi – washed down with Blue Mountain coffee. Lunch may be light, Calaloo or ackee quiche, chicken wraps or patties. Dinner is typically 3 course – pumpkin, string bean or calaloo soup, a main course of chicken, fish, shrimp, stew, pork or goat followed by a sweet dessert. We will cater for specific requests – within reason, given our location and logistics involved. Menus are largely dictated by availability of produce – so prepare to be pleasantly surprised. We have a 100% approval rate, check out our reviews.