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The real Jamaica.

Untainted by mass tourism, populated by farmers, crude infrastructure and access is for the more adventurous traveler ! – these are the Blue Mountains – the fast disappearing real Jamaica. We have noticed a gradual shift away from all inclusive hotels and cruise ships, typically insulating the traveler from cultural and one to one experiences – at Lime Tree Farm we offer this very interaction. Set well off the beaten track, in a farming community at the very end of a long ridge – we are literally the end of the road. Lime Tree community has a population of less than 80, 5 vehicles, one shop and one bar – it’s small! Learn about Blue Mountain coffee, farming life, history of the mountains and day to day life in the mountains. And since we are in the middle of nowhere, we have spectacular local hiking trails, unimpaired by people. This is the real rural Jamaica – experience it while it lasts.