Staying in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

How long should I stay in the Blue Mountains?

A question we are often asked – how long should I stay in the Blue Mountains? Given the logistics, time and effort of reaching Lime Tree Farm – let alone the expense, it takes time to slow down, relax and enjoy the clean air, solitude and beauty of the mountains, it really doesn’t make a lot of sense to stay just the one night, after all, we specialise in ‘winding down’ – and that does takes time. Enjoy our local trails, (unencumbered by humans), sample our Blue Mountain coffee, our organically grown farm produce and comfortable cottages. Over the years we have noted an increase in guests staying for longer periods – particularly lovers of yoga, meditation, artists – and a growing number of guests looking to do nothing for an extended period (we offer long stay rates, and deals on renting the entire property). My point is – allow more time to settle into the true beauty, solitude, peace and quiet of the Blue Mountains – it’s what it does best.