Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Ratcutt coffee

The collection and roasting of Blue Mountain Ratcutt Coffee for personal use is , as far as I am aware, only practiced on a small scale by older farmers. The collection of Ratcutt for planting seedlings is more widespread in the Blue Mountains.

During the night rats climb into the coffee bushes and eat the skin of the ripest cherry red beans – they like the sweet taste.

Please note that the rats do not nibble or ingest the bean !

The beans drop to the ground and are collected in the morning. This is the ripest, sweetest Blue Mountain coffee – selected by the rats.

My wife searches out Ratcutt for seedlings ( suckers) for the replacement of old bushes on our farm ( a lot of our bushes are 30 plus years now) – we don’t collect Ratcutt for roasting!