Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Lovers of doing not much in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

What is there to do at Lime Tree Farm? Often inquired – and the truthful answer is – not much. A working coffee farm, set in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica at the end a spur, off the normal independent tourist route, we are not easy to reach – and there in lies the real secret of our precious commodity, solitude – our ‘road’, barely a suitable word for the 3 mile long strip of rock, stone and mud that tenuously connects us to the main road! Lime Tree is a product of our road. Surrounded by uninhabited hills, take away the vehicles, half the population, and little has changed in the community in decades. Apart from lovers of doing not much, we attract lovers of Blue Mountain coffee, hiking, birding, nature, yoga and meditation, to name a few – we are a small guest house, so fellow guests are few also.