Mountain Life

Hurricane season in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica

Here we go again – hurricane season! Troubling enough, let alone living in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Each morning we nervously study the various websites dedicated to weather systems and movements in the Atlantic. Generally speaking, the predictions for the 23/24 season are for a ‘normal’ amount of activity – with a lot of statistics ( non committal ) and a few caveats. With the resurgence of El Nino there will be more activity in the Pacific, resulting in less activity in the Atlantic – countered by increased monsoons in Africa – got that? The infrastructure ( mainly the roads ) in Jamaica, and particularly in the Blue Mountains is very fragile and following any storm system passing or hitting we will be cut off for weeks – no road or light. All this means – we stock up with more food, gas for generators and our water pump, emergency rum and plenty of reading material. It’s not so bad, living in a secluded and isolated location has its advantages if you don’t mind a few small hardships.