Blue Mountain Peak

Is it so hard to visit the Blue Mountains of Jamaica ?

We are located in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places – the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, and, it is all down to our roads – they are in appalling condition! We have a theory – at the end of every bad road is an unspoiled haven – in this case Lime Tree Farm, we are literally at the end of that bad road – one way in and one way out. We have been described as the ‘unspoiled’ side of the hill, few people, mostly farmers and even fewer tourists. Logistically this also presents problems. After the main road to Mavis Bank the road gets very rough and we recommend 4 wheel drive, any attempt at the peak will require local assistance and knowledge – there are a small number of suitable vehicles available for peak transfers and rates may appear to be excessive. A little more planning, money and a lot more adventure, but it is worth it to experience a place very few tourists will visit – off the well beaten tourist track.

Adventure is never the easy option.